Special sale! Friesian Arabian Cross

We are offering for a limited time this special Arabian mare (Im an Imdahl) who is bred for a Spring 2014 foal out of Blackberry a Friesian stallion.  We will sell her for $8000 which will include her baby!  This is a great two for the price of one deal that won’t last long!  Contact us for more information.

RG Ashakira – Andalusian Arabian Filly For Sale

We are proud to offer Jajan’s 2012 Arabian Cross filly RG Ashakira. She has lots of potential.  We are just waiting for paperwork to be returned for her IALHA and AHA registrations (registered as Half-Andalusian and Half-Arabian….show in both arenas!).  Get her now before someone else snatches her up!

IALHA Nationals 2013

Nationals was another fun and exciting week spent with so many beautiful horses.  Every class had great competitors!  Competition was very tough this year with so many top quality Andalusians here in Fort Worth!  We had great results with the three horses we took.  Special thanks to Pedro Toribio, Anna Young, Jane and Chuck Harrison, Savannah Harrington, Carla Balderas, Amy Lamberth, Addison Bobel, Kim Harrington, Celeste Lamberth, Victoria and Carlos Balderas, Karissa Boyce, Laura Hernandez, and Ramiro Garcia.  The Rancho Godinez team had an awesome show!  Here is the list of our awards:

SK Sonata with Pedro Toribio

Top 5 – National Champion Spanish Fillies 2 and under
Top 5 – National Grand Champion Andalusian Fillies 2 and under

Magico’s Masterpiece with Pedro Toribio

Grand Champion National Championship Half Andalusian Saddle/Pleasure Horse
Top 5 – Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Half Andalusian Mares of all ages
Top 5 – Half Andalusian Best Movement
Reserve National Grand Champion Half Andalusians 2 and under and Best Movement Medal

Banbury Damascada

Reserve National Champion SP mares 3 and up with Savannah Harrington
Grand Champion Prix Caprilli Intro Level with Savannah Harrington
Grand Champion Prix Caprilli Training Level with Savannah Harrington
Reserve National Champion Western Equitation 17 and under with Savannah Harrington
Top 5 – National Champion Showmanship 17 and under with Savannah Harrington
Grand Champion Andalusian Country English Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor with Savannah Harrington
Reserve National Champion Andalusian English Pleasure Hunt Seat Jr. Exhibitor with Savannah Harrington
Grand Champion Walk/Trot Equitation with Carla Balderas
Top 5 – Hunt Seat Equitation Jr. Exhibitor with Amy Lamberth
Grand Champion Leadline with Addison Bobel
Grand Champion Fantasy Costume with Amy Lamberth

Thank you to everyone who helped make the show such a success!

Pin Oak Results 2013

I just realized that I never posted the 2013 Pin Oak Results. Here they are:

Pedro Toribio with SK Sonata
Andalusian Fillies (2 and under) – 1st
Andalusian Mares Championship – 1st
Andalusian Best Movement – 1st
Dressage Sport Horse Prospect Fillies (3 and under) – 4th

Savannah Harrington on Banbury Damascada
Dressage Suitability Amateur – 3rd
Andalusian Sr. Mares – 4th
Andalusian Mares/Geldings Amateur to Handle – 2nd
Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Sr. Mares – 5th

Carla Balderas on Banbury Damascada
Hunt Seat Equitation 17 and under – 3rd
Pleasure English/Western 13 and under – 2nd
Heritage Tack and Attire – 6th

Amy Lamberth on Banbury Damascada
Western Pleasure Amateur – 1st
Western Pleasure Championship – 1st
English Show Hack Amateur – 2nd
English Pleasure Hunt Seat Jr. Exhibitor – 1st
Country English Pleasure Open/Amateur – 2nd
English Pleasure Hunt Seat Amateur – 4th

Anna Young on Banbury Damascada
English Show Hack Open – 3rd
Dressage Suitability Open – 2nd
Dressage Suitability Championship – 2nd
English Pleasure Hunt Seat Open – 1st
Working Equitation Basic Dressage Phase – 3rd
Working Equitation Basic Ease of Handling Phase – 4th
Working Equitation Basic Speed Phase – 3rd
Overall Working Equitation Basic – 3rd

Savannah Harrington with Ganador RC
Western Pleasure Open/Jr. Horse – 2nd
Western Pleasure Amateur – 2nd
Western Pleasure Championship – 3rd
English Pleasure Hunt Seat Jr. Exhibitor – 2nd
Western Equitation 17 and Under – 2nd
Country English Pleasure Open – 1st
English Pleasure Hunt Seat Amateur – 6th
Western Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor – 1st

Pedro Toribio with Ganador RC
Andalusian Jr. Stallions (3 and 4 years old) – 2nd
Heritage Tack and Attire – 3rd

Anna Young on Ganador RC
English Pleasure Hunt Seat Jr. Horse – 3rd

Savannah Harrington with Magico’s Masterpiece
Half-Andalusian fillies and mares – 4th
Half-Andalusian Best Movement – 2nd
Half-Andalusian Amateur to Handle – 3rd

We had an AWESOME show!  Amy won High Point Jr. Exhibitor for the entire show and Banbury Damascada (Zena) was the overall High Point Horse!  Great job everyone!


Just a quick update because I haven’t really had much time to keep the website up-to-date. First off, Jajan LGD is home from training with Marta Renilla and I’m loving him being here. He is such a gentleman under saddle. I’m not sure when he will be going back into training, we had a little bit of a delay this year….if you want details, you can ask Marta 🙂 He will be bak to work soon and I’m sure he’ll be even better than ever! Ganador RC has been doing great…he was a bit delayed as Anna Young couldn’t work with him this summer (again if you want details, ask Anna). He’s learning either way with Pedro and I and he just needs some serious miles and wet saddle blankets under his belt. We are pretty much done with our breeding season…so far 11 confirmed pregnancies at Rancho Godinez! We have one more mare that we bought late in the season that we plan to breed soon so that would make a total of 12 babies next year! Monday, we are taking several horses for their revision with the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse. I’m a bit nervous as this is the first time I’ve ever been to a revision. IALHA Nationals is coming up VERY soon….we will be taking Banbury Damascada, SK Sonata, Magico’s Masterpiece for sure. We have room for one more horse in the trailer and we are still trying to decide between RG Travieso, Ganador RC, RG Ashakira, and Diamante. I have one more week before we have to get the entry in! Then, we have the Feathered Horse Classic in November for Jorik Kula and Jantiene Kula.

Quick update

If you are wondering what’s up at Rancho Godinez, I can sum it up in one word… BUSY!!!! While we haven’t been to many of the shows, we are having a very busy breeding season. We are training both Ganador RC and Jorik Kula to the breeding dummy which has it’s own challenges (look for a funny video of Ganador coming when I can find the time). At this time we have four mares confirmed in foal: two to Jorik, one to Jajan, and another to Ganador. We have two more to check this next week! We have tried a couple of embryo transfers, but unfortunately they did not result in pregnancies. Jajan will be showing 4th level at the Houston Dressage Society Summer Show. This weekend, I’m in Phoenix for the IALHA Board of Directors meeting. I’m enjoying the peace and quiet this evening before we get started bright and early in the morning.

Awesome week of learning

This week was absolutely amazing! It started with a visit from my family. Then we had a class on Ultrasounding Mares taught by Jim Kubiak of The Breeder’s Assistant. We made some wonderful friends…I’m so sad to see them go. I think there may be some new things coming at Rancho Godinez including some big surprises. We will soon be offering freezing semen services. Tomorrow we head out to Pin Oak. Enjoy some of the pictures of our new friends that took the class. ganador





Ganador making progress

Had a great weekend with the horses.  Savannah, Anna, and Isaias all had great rides on Ganador.  He’s really doing a great job.  We took a trail ride with Carla and her family.  Carla rode her awesome pony Capricho, I rode the Baldera’s horse Karamelo, and Pedro rode Jajan.  Pedro and I got to ride horses that had so much energy that we danced the whole time!  Lots of fun!