Parent Support

This last weekend I was overwhelmed by the support our junior rider’s mother showed. This mother was almost as excited as her daughter about the horse show.  She knew when to let the trainer work with her daughter, and she knew when she needed to step in.

As a child, my parents did not support my love of horses.  My mother reluctantly took me to riding lessons, and in my Dad’s words watching a horse show “is as exciting as watching paint dry”.  I could count on one hand the number of horse shows my parents attended.

On the other hand, my grandpa fully supported me.  Even when he was in his 80s, he would help me bathe the horses and haul them to local shows nearby.  He would get the horses ready while I went and filled out the registrations.  We made a great team.

I’ll admit, when I saw this girl’s mother supporting her so fully, I was a bit envious.  I wish my parents would have been willing to change their weekend plans to watch me.  I wish they would have at least enjoyed watching ME in the ring.  I realize that horse shows can be boring, but they are always more interesting when you know the people in the ring.  I’m so thankful to grandpa for filling that role in my life!  I don’t know if anyone noticed, but on my display table at Nationals, I had a picture of my grandpa.  I know he’s always with me at the horse shows, and every once in awhile I hear him whisper some advice to me.

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