Rant….horse show behavior

First off, I will say that this post has NOTHING to do with the horse show we attended today.  The Central Texas Dressage Society Fall Formal Mini-Show was awesome!  However, this evening I have been dealing with some left over junk from shows earlier in the year.  There are only a select few that this rant is directed at, and they probably will never figure out I’m thinking of them.  Some of the rant, is just behavior in general!

First, fair competition is fun, exciting, frustrating, but most importantly FAIR.  If you have to resort to nit-picking, trickery, or other methods to win, you are not playing fair.  No one likes to lose, but if you do, buckle up and figure out what you need to do better next time.  Whining and complaining and getting things turned in your favor don’t really get you very far.

I do believe that you sow what you reap (karma, whatever you want to call it).  If you treat others like crap, it will eventually come back to haunt you.  The “Golden Rule” to treat others as you want to be treated is essential.  If you are treating people bad, expect payback (probably not from me, because I do believe that I should treat others as I would like to be treated, but someday, somewhere…)

If you think you know everything there is to know abut horse showing, that’s a pretty good sign that you don’t know everything!  If you think you are awesome and everything you do is fantastic, that is probably a good sign that you have lots of room for improvement.  Good riders, good competitors, are always looking for ways to better their riding.  Most competitors are searching for ways to improve, and don’t have to have trophies and ribbons to prove it.  Trophies and ribbons are nice, but I am super happy when I see some kind of progress!  Today, Jajan did great!  He was less anxious, behaved like a gentleman, and relaxed more during his rides.  Yes, we won some ribbons (yeah!) but most importantly we saw major progress.

I LOVE my horses and if we couldn’t ever go to another show, I would continue to ride them and love them just the same.  Thankfully, the majority of the competitors think this way, but the few that don’t just get to me!  Cheating is NOT going to accomplish much!  You might get temporary progress, but in the long run….everything will come out in the wash.  Your short-term gain, may end up being your downfall.  My horses are my life….I LOVE them.  They are not just a business, they are not just a hobby.  They are truly the thing that gets me out of bed everyday.  I am living my dream, competing fairly, and loving the results.  I just get ticked when I see people who have worked their tails off come in second-place to someone who did something not exactly by-the-book.  If you need your wins that way, I’m so sorry for you!  I will still be enjoying and loving my horses, regardless of what “scores” or “rank” they get!  The day will come when all of the hard work will pay off….of that I am certain, and then I can enjoy it to the fullest with a clear conscience.  I doubt that a “cheater” can say the same.

Note:  I realize this may seem like a rather juvenile rant, but I’m sure we’ve all had moments.  I’m also sure that many great competitors feel the same, but maybe just are able to keep quiet.  Add to that, my Internet service hasn’t been working all week!  I’m tired and frustrated….I just needed to vent!