Houston Dressage Society Winter Show II

Today was another great day at the show except it was pretty stressful.  First off, Jajan was a little stiff this morning.  He had hurt his hoof (stepped on something sharp) almost two weeks ago.  He was doing good, but apparently something poked him in the sore spot this morning.  We were thinking for awhile that we were going to have to scratch him, but we cleaned it out really well and put some hoof stuff (sorry don’t know the name right now) and he was okay.  But, that meant I was holding my breath through almost all of the ride hoping he didn’t hit it again.

Jajan pulled a great score 65.6% in training level test 1.  He was focused and light…he really looked good!  We had a bit of a rest and another recheck of his hoof and got ready for ride two.  That’s when major stress happened….the rider before Anna and Jajan took a nasty fall.  She was knocked out and the show was put on hold until the ambulance came. My prayers go out for her and her family tonight…I can’t imagine what they went through/are going through this afternoon!  Anna was called into the ring with only a 3 minute warning, so Jajan didn’t warm-up hardly at all before he had to do test 2.  He fumbled one of his leads but still pulled off 61%.  The last test was great!  He got a 65.2%..but most importantly he was awesome!  Jajan came home with two first place ribbons and a third place.

Next was Savannah’s turn…Diamante looked good today!  The scores for Savannah were much better today 58%, 60%, and 64.5%.  She got two second places and a fifth.  However, I think that the scores were a bit messed up, it seems they placed all riders in all divisions together.  I see at least one instance where her score was the best of the junior riders.  I probably should call or e-mail to see what was up with that, but either way her scores were very solid and she made some great progress with Diamante.

The day was wonderful.  We had a great time (especially with our friends Kim, Masha, Sheri, and Jan) who came to watch.  I was so proud that Jajan gave them a beautiful performance.  When we got home I went out and visited the horses and took our baby Jorik out for a run.  I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do!  Today was Jajan’s birthday!  I sang to him and gave him some flavored oatmeal that he loved!  I’m so thankful for my family and all of my fabulous horses!


Houston Dressage Society Winter Show I

Today was the first show in the Houston Dressage Society series.  We brought Jajan and Diamante.  Anna Young rode Jajan in the training level, and Savannah Harrington rode Diamante in the Introductory level tests.  In the warm-up ring, Jajan was AWESOME, but the second he realized that he was alone in the ring, he got very upset.  He tensed up and was calling to all his buddies in the barn.  Nevertheless, we still ended up with a score of 62.2%.  The next test was a bit better, he was more focused and ended up with a 63%.  The last test, we took Diamante over to watch thinking maybe Jajan would be less stressed if he saw his buddy.  That helped a bit, but at the same time Jajan lost all focus and seemed to forget everything he knows.  That score ended up being a 61%.  The first two test scores were good enough for First place, but the last one got 3rd place.

We had a bit of a break before Savannah rode, so we used the time to do a bit of planning for the Pin Oak horse show in March.  Diamante was looking great, he was relaxed and responding beautifully.  The biggest problem was that he was kind of bobbing his head.  He wasn’t fighting the bit, but he wasn’t being steady.  Savannah did a great job.  Her scores ranged from 55-58.  The biggest problem was picking up the wrong lead on test C.  We are still happy because Diamante behaved well, and really did a good job.  We know what we need to work on and it will be better by the next time.

After our rides, we had a fun meal at a Chinese buffet and visited a really nice tack store here in Katy…Charlotte’s Saddlery.  I found all sorts of things to put on my wish list.  Now, we’re relaxing in the hotel and watching TV.  My fortune at the Chinese restaurant was:  A quiet evening with friends is the best remedy for a long day.  I think I’ll take that advice!

Big Plans for 2012

Since the holidays have kept us pretty busy, I haven’t had much time to spend on my computer.  I have been enjoying our family and our horses (rather than hiding in my house).  It’s about time I wrote a bit about our plans for 2012 for Rancho Godinez!  I don’t have everything planned out, but here are some of the exciting things we have planned.

First, Jajan is listed in the IALHA stallion service auction. This is the first year we’ve been able to participate and I’m excited to support the IALHA in this way.  I can’t wait to see Jajan’s foals on the ground!

Second, we have four babies due this spring.  Sunshine and Cheerio are due to have Magico foals in March.  Nigeriana is due to have a CO Luminoso baby in February and Minuet has a CO Luminoso baby coming in May.  Pearl had Ganador’s first foal in November (RG Travieso).  He’s wonderful!  I can’t wait to see all of our babies!  When the babies are here, we will breed the mares back to Jajan (and possibly try a couple of embryo transfers).

Third, I’m super excited to attend the Peter Maddison-Greenwell with Jajan in February!  We learned so much at the last clinic, I can’t wait to see what the results of this multi-day clinic will be.  We are also planning on showing at the Houston Dressage Society show in January, and of course Pin Oak in March.  I think that we should be able to get Jajan’s training level certificate this spring…then on to 1st level.

Finally, I think 2012 may be the year we expand into Friesians.  We have always wanted a Friesian, but have not found “the one” that fits us.  I think we may have found our match, and hopefully we will be expanding Rancho Godinez to include Friesians in the very near future.  Also, our mini Zebu herd will hopefully be growing as our babies are getting close to breeding age.

I don’t have 2012 completely planned yet, but I’m excited about the things that we are considering.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us this year!  He brought many things into our lives in 2011 that we weren’t expecting (Jajan and my “Colorado” girls).  Who knows what His plans are for Rancho Godinez!