Houston Dressage Society Winter Show II

Today was another great day at the show except it was pretty stressful.  First off, Jajan was a little stiff this morning.  He had hurt his hoof (stepped on something sharp) almost two weeks ago.  He was doing good, but apparently something poked him in the sore spot this morning.  We were thinking for awhile that we were going to have to scratch him, but we cleaned it out really well and put some hoof stuff (sorry don’t know the name right now) and he was okay.  But, that meant I was holding my breath through almost all of the ride hoping he didn’t hit it again.

Jajan pulled a great score 65.6% in training level test 1.  He was focused and light…he really looked good!  We had a bit of a rest and another recheck of his hoof and got ready for ride two.  That’s when major stress happened….the rider before Anna and Jajan took a nasty fall.  She was knocked out and the show was put on hold until the ambulance came. My prayers go out for her and her family tonight…I can’t imagine what they went through/are going through this afternoon!  Anna was called into the ring with only a 3 minute warning, so Jajan didn’t warm-up hardly at all before he had to do test 2.  He fumbled one of his leads but still pulled off 61%.  The last test was great!  He got a 65.2%..but most importantly he was awesome!  Jajan came home with two first place ribbons and a third place.

Next was Savannah’s turn…Diamante looked good today!  The scores for Savannah were much better today 58%, 60%, and 64.5%.  She got two second places and a fifth.  However, I think that the scores were a bit messed up, it seems they placed all riders in all divisions together.  I see at least one instance where her score was the best of the junior riders.  I probably should call or e-mail to see what was up with that, but either way her scores were very solid and she made some great progress with Diamante.

The day was wonderful.  We had a great time (especially with our friends Kim, Masha, Sheri, and Jan) who came to watch.  I was so proud that Jajan gave them a beautiful performance.  When we got home I went out and visited the horses and took our baby Jorik out for a run.  I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do!  Today was Jajan’s birthday!  I sang to him and gave him some flavored oatmeal that he loved!  I’m so thankful for my family and all of my fabulous horses!

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