USDF All-Breeds Awards

We got two beautiful medals in the mail. Both Jorik Kula and SK Sonata took Grand Champion in their corresponding association All-Breeds awards in Dressage Sport Horse Breeding for purebred yearlings. Jorik for FHANA and Sonata with IALHA. These babies have a great future ahead of them! Congratulations Pedro Toribio for taking our babies to the winner’s circle!

Jajan also placed high in the IALHA All-Breed Dressage Awards. Jajan was fifth place in First level and 3rd place in Training level! Congratulations to Anna Young who gave Jajan such a strong foundation!

USEF Horse of the Year Report

I got a nice letter in the mail listing all of our accomplishments with USEF this year. Jajan LGD and SK Sonata won several awards in Region 5 and Banbury Damascada (Xena) took two National titles. Not a bad letter!

Jajan LGD: 3rd A/L Amateur English Pleasure
Reserve Champion A/L Junior Exhibitor
5th A/L Open English Pleasure
5th A/L Specialty

SK Sonata: 4th A/L Halter Horse
6th A/L Specialty

Banbury Damascada: National 6th A/L Amateur Western Pleasure
National Reserve Champion: A/L Junior Exhibitor

Congratulations to the riders and handlers, Anna Young, Amy Lamberth, Carla Balderas, Pedro Toribio, and Savannah Harrington! I can’t wait to see what next year’s letter will look like!

The Breeder’s Assistant comes to Rancho Godinez

I am excited to announce that Dr. Jim Kubiak of The Breeder’s Assistant will be holding the Ultrasound and Mare Management School at Rancho Godinez in March. These classes will teach students how to conduct and read ultrasounds as well as using fresh and cooled semen for breeding. The class includes hands-on practice with ultrasounds and insemination. As a bonus, I (Twila Godinez) will be translating the classes into Spanish. Isaias and I have taken Dr. Kubiak’s courses and have learned so much! We highly recommend these course to anyone who takes their breeding program seriously. As a teacher, I must say that Dr. Kubiak’s training methods are fabulous. The students come out of the classes knowing that they can apply the training. Our breeding program has been built around what we have learned from The Breeder’s Assistant. These classes are not breed specific (in fact one of the fun parts of the class is meeting all the different people working with different kinds of horses).

The classes will be March 13 – 17 at Rancho Godinez. Click here for more information and to sign up. Also be sure to check out all of the classes at The Breeder’s Assistant. We have traveled to Ramona, CA to take the courses and have absolutely NO complaints. I can’t say enough about how essential these classes have been to our business.