Quick update

If you are wondering what’s up at Rancho Godinez, I can sum it up in one word… BUSY!!!! While we haven’t been to many of the shows, we are having a very busy breeding season. We are training both Ganador RC and Jorik Kula to the breeding dummy which has it’s own challenges (look for a funny video of Ganador coming when I can find the time). At this time we have four mares confirmed in foal: two to Jorik, one to Jajan, and another to Ganador. We have two more to check this next week! We have tried a couple of embryo transfers, but unfortunately they did not result in pregnancies. Jajan will be showing 4th level at the Houston Dressage Society Summer Show. This weekend, I’m in Phoenix for the IALHA Board of Directors meeting. I’m enjoying the peace and quiet this evening before we get started bright and early in the morning.