Just a quick update because I haven’t really had much time to keep the website up-to-date. First off, Jajan LGD is home from training with Marta Renilla and I’m loving him being here. He is such a gentleman under saddle. I’m not sure when he will be going back into training, we had a little bit of a delay this year….if you want details, you can ask Marta 🙂 He will be bak to work soon and I’m sure he’ll be even better than ever! Ganador RC has been doing great…he was a bit delayed as Anna Young couldn’t work with him this summer (again if you want details, ask Anna). He’s learning either way with Pedro and I and he just needs some serious miles and wet saddle blankets under his belt. We are pretty much done with our breeding season…so far 11 confirmed pregnancies at Rancho Godinez! We have one more mare that we bought late in the season that we plan to breed soon so that would make a total of 12 babies next year! Monday, we are taking several horses for their revision with the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse. I’m a bit nervous as this is the first time I’ve ever been to a revision. IALHA Nationals is coming up VERY soon….we will be taking Banbury Damascada, SK Sonata, Magico’s Masterpiece for sure. We have room for one more horse in the trailer and we are still trying to decide between RG Travieso, Ganador RC, RG Ashakira, and Diamante. I have one more week before we have to get the entry in! Then, we have the Feathered Horse Classic in November for Jorik Kula and Jantiene Kula.

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