Central Texas Arabian Horse Club Open Show – February 17, 2013

The Rancho Godinez team had a great show this weekend at the Travis County Expo Center. The Central Texas Arabian Horse Club had their first open show of the season. This show is always lots of fun for the kids and a great practice for the horses.

Isaac rode Itzio in Pony walk/trot and came out with a third place ribbon. Addison Bobel rode Banbury Damascada (Zena) in leadline class and took 1st place!

Savannah Harrington rode Banbury Damascada and took 1st place in Hunter pleasure non-Arabians and Jr. Hunt Seat Equitation! These were both big classes. Carla Balderas rode Zena also and one 1st place in walk/trot hunt seat 12 and under and walk/trot equitation. Great job to the girls!

Anna Young rode Ganador in his first show ever. He (and Anna) were a bit nervous, but they looked awesome in the ring. Ganador took third place in the non-Arabian Hunter Pleasure and 4th place in Jr. Horse Hunter Pleasure. Just wait to see what they do at Pin Oak!

Special thanks to Pedro Toribio, Carlos Balderas, and Isaias Godinez for getting the horses ready. Thank you to Kim Harrington and Victoria Balderas for helping keep the riders in line. Great show!


I wanted to share this great article about PRE horses in dressage.

Woodlands Equestrian Club

The Spanish horse in dressage can hold his own, as it has been shown in the Olympics and in a number of high level competitions all over the world. The P.R.E. Andalusians competing in dressage, present with elegance and ability in the areas of collection, piaffe and passage – areas which comprise a significant portion of the higher level dressage tests (FEI levels).

Especially in the favor of the Andalusians in dressage is the inherent temperament which permits them to handle both learning and the stresses of competition well.

The equilibrium and compression required for changes, pirouettes and the collected exercises of dressage are complementary with the spanish horse morphology, while their capacity for extensions becomes truly visible in the 6th year as the horse develops with correct training. The Spanish and Lusitano horses compete in the open horse world, against all other breeds, at all levels. There is a…

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Bluebonnet Classic

This weekend we participated in the Bluebonnet Classic here in Austin.  We took four horses and had a great time.  There were some problems, but nothing we can’t get over.  Jajan was eliminated on one test because we had an “unapproved” bit.  What made it so frustrating, is that we had asked prior to entering the class about the bit and were told it was ok.  ARGH!  Oh well, we won’t even take that bit to the show again.  I rode Xena (Banbury Damascada) for my first ever dressage test.  We scored a 49 in Training Level test 1 on both days.  I was a little disappointed because I thought my second ride was better than the first (but apparently the judge didn’t think so).    Savanna rode Xena in Dressage Equitation (taking 1st place both days!) and Training level test 3.  This was also Jajan’s first rides in Level 1.  Since our arena is still rocky, he hadn’t even ridden through the tests ever so I was really happy with his scores (his score on the eliminated test was a 64).  Jorik and Sonata showed in hand.  Sonata took 1st in her filly class and placed 3rd in the championship on both days.  Jorik won 1st in his colt class and Grand champion and reserve in the colt/gelding championship.  He sure looks good in blue!  Here are the rest of our scores:

Saturday            Sunday
Training Level test 1 –  58.103                64.310
Training Level test 2 – 56.757               eliminated
Training Level test 3 – 59.355                 63.226

Banbury Damascada (Xena):
Training Level test 1:     49                          49
Training Level test 3:     55.6                       54.8

Our Champion Jorik Kula!

Pin Oak Charity Horse Show

March 22-24 found Rancho Godinez in Katy, Texas at the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show.  This show is always top-notch and lots of fun.  This year we took 5 horses:  Minuet, Jajan, Ganador, Helada, and Sonata.  This was a major difference from last year when we were only able to take Helada due to Ganador’s injury.  Pedro was in charge of the in-hand classes, and Anna and Savannah covered the riding classes.  This was Minuet’s first big show (with us) and as far as we know her first time in riding classes.  We have only had her under saddle since February!

Friday night was a special treat since the Friesian horses were doing a demonstration.  We got a chance to spend time with our friends Julee and Paul Kula from Wind Spirit Friesians.  It will be awesome if Pin Oak decides to add in Friesian classes next year (of course then I will be hauling even more horses to the show!)

While all the horses did well, the champion of the show was little SK Sonata.  While she placed 2nd in her Fillies 2 and under class and the Dressage Sport Horse Prospect 3 and under, she won the Yearling Filly Futurity!  Then, she made our day by winning the Andalusian Best Movement class!!!!  We are so proud of our little champion!

Our Champion - SK Sonata

Jajan did well in his classes, but he had some really “off” moments.  He took 2nd place in the dressage phase of the Working Equitation class.  He did good on the obstacles until he saw the fake bull.  His reaction was beyond spooking.  It was so extreme in fact that I’m pretty sure he had some kind of a traumatic experience with a bull in his past (maybe that is where the scar on his hip came from).  After being shook up by the fake bull, it took quite a bit of work to get him back into a decent frame of mind and he lost focus often.  So much for doing well in Working Equitation.

Overall, we had a great time at Pin Oak.  We got to see many beautiful horses and hang out with some great friends.  We even got to celebrate our “Team Grandma’s” birthday!  (We also added a “team Aunt” position to our group). The mares did not have their babies while we were gone.  Add to that the show is a charity show and you can’t get much better!  Thanks to all the Rancho Godinez team!

Jajan LGD:

5th place – Andalusian Stallions Amateur Handler (Isaias Godinez)
3rd place – Andalusian Heritage Tack and Attire (Isaias Godinez)
2nd place – Andalusian English Show Hack Amateur (Savannah Harrington)
2nd place – Dressage phase Working Equitation (Anna Young)
4th place – Andalusian Country English Pleasure Open (Anna Young)
5th place – Andalusian English Pleasure Hunt Seat Amateur (Savannah Harrington)
2nd place – Andalusian Hunt Seat Equitation 17 and under (Savannah Harrington)
2nd place – Andalusian Western Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor (Savannah Harrington)
5th place – Andalusian English Show Hack Open (Anna Young)

Minuet GPA:

3rd place – Andalusian English Pleasure Hunt Seat Jr. Exhibitor (Savannah Harrington)
3rd place – Andalusian Country English Pleasure Open (Savannah Harrington)
2nd place – Andalusian Dressage Suitability Amateur (Savannah Harrington)
4th place – Andalusian English Show Hack Open (Savannah Harrington)

Ganador RC:

5th place – Andalusian Jr. Stallions 3/4 years (Pedro Toribio)
4th place – Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Colts 3 and under (Pedro Toribio)

Helada ROY:

4th place – Dressage Sport Horse Prospect Fillies 3 and under (Anna Young)
3rd place – Andalusian Fillies 2 and under (Anna Young)
5th place – Andalusian Mares Amateur (Isaias Godinez)

SK Sonata:

1st place – Andalusian Best Movement (Pedro Toribio)
1st place – Andalusian Yearling Fillies Futurity (Pedro Toribio)
2nd place – Dressage Sport Horse Prospect Fillies 3 and under (Pedro Toribio)
2nd place – Andalusian Fillies 2 and under (Pedro Toribio)
4th place – Andalusian Mares Amateur (Twila Godinez)


Results from Windy Knoll Dressage Show

I’m running quite behind due to the busy show schedule, breedings, births, and substituting at school.  Hopefully, I can get some of the results posted in the next few days and give some updates including some of the new baby pictures!

The Windy Knoll Dressage Spring Show on March 17 and 18 was not a fun weekend for us.  First of all, the hotel we stayed at was horrible!  The people were rude and our neighbors finally were quiet after the police took one of them away.  Let’s just say the stress level was a bit high at this show.  Nevertheless, despite all the problems, Jajan did great!  He pulled some of the highest scores he has ever made in Training level tests.  Also, this completed the requirements for Anna and Jajan to get their Training Level Certifications.

Saturday’s Results:                                      Sunday’s Results:

Training Level Test 1:  61.3                           Training Level Test 1: 66.67
Training Level Test 2:  68.57                          Training Level Test 2:  70
Training Level Test 3:  63.8                           Training Level Test 3:  70

Jajan took home 2 first place ribbons, 2 second place ribbons, and 2 third place ribbons.  The score on Sunday’s Test 3 made him eligible for the Great American Insurance Group Regional Dressage Championships!  These great scores sure helped make up for some of the stress.  Congratulations Anna and Jajan!

End of January update

January has brought some fun changes to Rancho Godinez.  First of all, we purchased our first Friesian horses.  We purchased Jorik Kula and Jantiene Kula from Wind Spirit Friesians.  Jorik has fabulous movement!  I can’t wait to ride him!  Jantiene has such a sweet personality.  I’m very happy with both of our new babies.

The weather hasn’t been very cooperative, but it’s giving Jajan some rest after he hurt his foot.  He bruised it, but the moisture has caused it to seemingly take forever to heal.  He did have some wonderful scores at the Houston Dressage Society show this month.  I wrote about that in detail in the last couple of posts.

January also brought a personal surprise for our family.  Luis Jaimes recorded a song that Isaias wrote.  I can’t wait to hear the rest of the CD.

So far, it doesn’t look like there is a lot going on in February.  We are going to California for a week to learn more about breeding horses and there is a small open horse show that we may go to.  Nigeriana’s baby should come around the middle of the month.  For the most part, we are going to spend this month getting the horses prepared for Pin Oak.  We plan on taking Jajan, Ganador, Helada, Minuet, and Sonata.  If everything works out, we may be taking the Friesians too so they can help with the demo the FHANA is putting on.  I really hope that we can get Minuet going under saddle well enough to ride her in the show.  I’m praying that the weather will cooperate and we can get the arena in good shape so we can get to work!

Finally, I have been working to upload some of the videos from Rancho Godinez.  There are several listed on YouTube now and on our Facebook page.  Be sure to check them out! If you haven’t already “like” us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Houston Dressage Society Winter Show II

Today was another great day at the show except it was pretty stressful.  First off, Jajan was a little stiff this morning.  He had hurt his hoof (stepped on something sharp) almost two weeks ago.  He was doing good, but apparently something poked him in the sore spot this morning.  We were thinking for awhile that we were going to have to scratch him, but we cleaned it out really well and put some hoof stuff (sorry don’t know the name right now) and he was okay.  But, that meant I was holding my breath through almost all of the ride hoping he didn’t hit it again.

Jajan pulled a great score 65.6% in training level test 1.  He was focused and light…he really looked good!  We had a bit of a rest and another recheck of his hoof and got ready for ride two.  That’s when major stress happened….the rider before Anna and Jajan took a nasty fall.  She was knocked out and the show was put on hold until the ambulance came. My prayers go out for her and her family tonight…I can’t imagine what they went through/are going through this afternoon!  Anna was called into the ring with only a 3 minute warning, so Jajan didn’t warm-up hardly at all before he had to do test 2.  He fumbled one of his leads but still pulled off 61%.  The last test was great!  He got a 65.2%..but most importantly he was awesome!  Jajan came home with two first place ribbons and a third place.

Next was Savannah’s turn…Diamante looked good today!  The scores for Savannah were much better today 58%, 60%, and 64.5%.  She got two second places and a fifth.  However, I think that the scores were a bit messed up, it seems they placed all riders in all divisions together.  I see at least one instance where her score was the best of the junior riders.  I probably should call or e-mail to see what was up with that, but either way her scores were very solid and she made some great progress with Diamante.

The day was wonderful.  We had a great time (especially with our friends Kim, Masha, Sheri, and Jan) who came to watch.  I was so proud that Jajan gave them a beautiful performance.  When we got home I went out and visited the horses and took our baby Jorik out for a run.  I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do!  Today was Jajan’s birthday!  I sang to him and gave him some flavored oatmeal that he loved!  I’m so thankful for my family and all of my fabulous horses!

Houston Dressage Society Winter Show I

Today was the first show in the Houston Dressage Society series.  We brought Jajan and Diamante.  Anna Young rode Jajan in the training level, and Savannah Harrington rode Diamante in the Introductory level tests.  In the warm-up ring, Jajan was AWESOME, but the second he realized that he was alone in the ring, he got very upset.  He tensed up and was calling to all his buddies in the barn.  Nevertheless, we still ended up with a score of 62.2%.  The next test was a bit better, he was more focused and ended up with a 63%.  The last test, we took Diamante over to watch thinking maybe Jajan would be less stressed if he saw his buddy.  That helped a bit, but at the same time Jajan lost all focus and seemed to forget everything he knows.  That score ended up being a 61%.  The first two test scores were good enough for First place, but the last one got 3rd place.

We had a bit of a break before Savannah rode, so we used the time to do a bit of planning for the Pin Oak horse show in March.  Diamante was looking great, he was relaxed and responding beautifully.  The biggest problem was that he was kind of bobbing his head.  He wasn’t fighting the bit, but he wasn’t being steady.  Savannah did a great job.  Her scores ranged from 55-58.  The biggest problem was picking up the wrong lead on test C.  We are still happy because Diamante behaved well, and really did a good job.  We know what we need to work on and it will be better by the next time.

After our rides, we had a fun meal at a Chinese buffet and visited a really nice tack store here in Katy…Charlotte’s Saddlery.  I found all sorts of things to put on my wish list.  Now, we’re relaxing in the hotel and watching TV.  My fortune at the Chinese restaurant was:  A quiet evening with friends is the best remedy for a long day.  I think I’ll take that advice!

Big Plans for 2012

Since the holidays have kept us pretty busy, I haven’t had much time to spend on my computer.  I have been enjoying our family and our horses (rather than hiding in my house).  It’s about time I wrote a bit about our plans for 2012 for Rancho Godinez!  I don’t have everything planned out, but here are some of the exciting things we have planned.

First, Jajan is listed in the IALHA stallion service auction. This is the first year we’ve been able to participate and I’m excited to support the IALHA in this way.  I can’t wait to see Jajan’s foals on the ground!

Second, we have four babies due this spring.  Sunshine and Cheerio are due to have Magico foals in March.  Nigeriana is due to have a CO Luminoso baby in February and Minuet has a CO Luminoso baby coming in May.  Pearl had Ganador’s first foal in November (RG Travieso).  He’s wonderful!  I can’t wait to see all of our babies!  When the babies are here, we will breed the mares back to Jajan (and possibly try a couple of embryo transfers).

Third, I’m super excited to attend the Peter Maddison-Greenwell with Jajan in February!  We learned so much at the last clinic, I can’t wait to see what the results of this multi-day clinic will be.  We are also planning on showing at the Houston Dressage Society show in January, and of course Pin Oak in March.  I think that we should be able to get Jajan’s training level certificate this spring…then on to 1st level.

Finally, I think 2012 may be the year we expand into Friesians.  We have always wanted a Friesian, but have not found “the one” that fits us.  I think we may have found our match, and hopefully we will be expanding Rancho Godinez to include Friesians in the very near future.  Also, our mini Zebu herd will hopefully be growing as our babies are getting close to breeding age.

I don’t have 2012 completely planned yet, but I’m excited about the things that we are considering.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us this year!  He brought many things into our lives in 2011 that we weren’t expecting (Jajan and my “Colorado” girls).  Who knows what His plans are for Rancho Godinez!